Fan Club CDs

Aquí encontrarás una colección un tanto peculiar, y es que los Fan Club CDs de Dream Theater son auténticas piezas de coleccionista que solo los fans más talluditos y acérrimos de la banda contarán entre sus posesiones. Hace años que el Club Internacional de Fans no es lo que era, pero sus últimos lanzamientos demuestran que aún tiene mucho que decir.

International Fanclub Christmas CD
DTIFC, 1996

1. Opening Message
2. Red Hill Mining Town
3. Tears
4. Damage, Inc.
5. Oh Holy Night
6. Closing Message

The Making Of Falling Into Infinity
DTIFC, 1997

New Millennium
1. Basic Tracks
2. Piano, Acoustic guitar, Stick and 7-string guitar overdubs

You Not Me
3. Basic Tracks
4. Strings, Piano, Vocals and Key overdubs

Peruvian Skies
5. Basic Tracks
6. Rhodes, Mellotron, Acoustic guitar and Vocals overdubs

Hollow Years
7. Basic Tracks
8. Acoustic, Edge and Classical guitar and Vocals overdubs

Burning My Soul
9. Basic Tracks
10. Guitar, Key, Vocals, Talk box and Whisper overdubs

Hell’s Kitchen
11. Writing The Finale

Lines In the Sand
12. Intro, Key, Piano, and String overdubs
13. Bass, Guitar, Synth, and Vocal overdubs
14. Dough Pinnick vocals

Take Away My Pain
15. Alternate take
16. Basic Tracks
17. Space guitar, Hawaiian keys, Heavy keys, and Vocal overdubs

Just Let Me Breathe
18. Basic Tracks
19. Feedback and Rhythm guitars, Leadguitar and Keys, Vocal overdubs

Anna Lee
20. Derek Noodling At The Piano
21. Basic Tracks
22. Mellotron, Acoustic and Leslie guitars, Slide guitar overdubs

Trial Of Tears
23. Basic Tracks
24. Lead guitar, Bass, Acoustic guitar and Piano overdubs
25. The End (?)

Once In A LIVEtime Outtakes
DTIFC, 1998

1. Eve
2. Speak To Me
3. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
4. Hey You
5. The Silent Man
6. Cover My Eyes
7. Mean Street
8. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
9. Anna Lee
10. To Live Forever
11. Thank You’s
12. Bad

Cleaning Out The Closet
DTIFC, 1999

1. Don’t Look Past Me
2. To Live Forever ’91
3. To Live Forever ’94
4. Eve
5. Raise The Knife
6. Where Are You Now?
7. The Way It Used To Be
8. Cover My Eyes
9. Speak To Me
10. Scenes

Scenes From A World Tour
DTIFC, 2000

1. Heaven And Hell
2. Erotomania/ Paradigm Shift/ Universal Mind
3. What Did They Say?/ Wipeout/ Canadian Rap
4. War Pigs
5. Keyboard Solo
6. The Spirit Carries On
7. Guitar Solo/ Gladiator Theme
8. The Zoo/ Learning To Live/ Whole Lotta Love
9. End Of Show

Four Degrees Of Radio Edits
DTIFC, 2001

1. Misunderstood
2. Blind Faith
3. Solitary Shell
4. The Test That Stumped Them All

Taste The Memories
DTIFC, 2002

1. Mission: Impossible
2. Afterlife
3. Under A Glass Moon
4. Wait For Sleep
5. Moon Bubbles
6. To Live Forever
7. Only A Matter Of Time
8. Puppies On Acid
9. Take The Time
10. A Change Of Seasons

The Atco Demos

1. Metropolis, Pt. I: The Miracle And The Sleeper
2. To Live Forever
3. Take The Time

Graspop Festival 2003
DTIFC, 2003

1. The Glass Prison
2. The Mirror
3. Lie
4. Peruvian Skies
5. War Inside My Head
6. The Test That Stumped Them All
7. The Great Debate
8. Home
9. Pull Me Under/ Master Of Puppets

Stream of Consciousness – Songwriting Contest Winners

1. Andy Rowland & Ant Law – SoC (Grand Prize Winner)
2. Daisuke Kurosawa – Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (Second Prize Winner)
3. Linear Sphere – Scent of Carbonite
4. Richard Campbell – SoC
5. Brian Wherry – SoC
6. Redemption – SoC
7. Eric Clemenzi – SoC

A Sort of Homecoming
DTIFC, 2004

1. NYC Radio Ad
2. As I Am
3. Honor Thy Father
4. Caught In A Web Pt.1
5. Mike Portnoy Drum Solo/ Duet With Scott Rockenfield
6. Beyond This Life Improv Jam
7. The Oakdale Odyssey
8. The Spirit Of St. Louis
9. John Petrucci Guitar Spot
10. Vacant
11. Stream Of Consciousness
12. Disappear

A Walk Beside The Band
IDTFC, 2005

1. Interview with John Petrucci
2. Panic Attack
3. On Stage with John Petrucci
4. Never Enough
5. Backstage Tour with James LaBrie
6. A Fortune in Lies
7. Peruvian Skies
8. Interview with Mike Portnoy
9. Excerpt from Money
10. The Spirit Carries On
11. Interview with Jordan Rudess
12. These Walls
13. Pull Me Under/ Metropolis

IDTFC, 2006

1. Intro
2. The Root of All Evil
3. The Answer Lies Within
4. These Walls
5. I Walk Beside You
6. Panic Attack
7. Never Enough
8. Sacrificed Sons
9. Octavarium
10. Outro

Images and Words 15th Anniversary Performance (Live in Bonn, Germany 6/16/07)
DTIFC, 2007
Format(s): CD

1. Pull Me Under
2. Another Day
3. Take the Time/JR Mellotron Spot
4. Surrounded
5. Metropolis
6. Under a Glass Moon/Quick JR Piano Spot
7. Wait for Sleep
8. Learning to Live

Progressive Nation 2008
IDTFC, 2009

1. Intro
2. Also Sprach Zarathustra
3. In The Presence of Enemies Pt. 1
4. Beyond This Life
5. Misunderstood
6. Erotomania
7. Voices
8. Repentance
9. The Dark Nintendo Night
10. Encore Medley

Volver a la Discografía

  1. Luis Fernando Galvez

    Que tal a todos 🙂 alguien sabe donde puedo conseguir el disco “Images and Words 15th Anniversary Performance (Live in Bonn, Germany 6/16/07)” me gusta muchísimo la versión de Another Day en ese disco, pero no lo he podido conseguir

    Me gusta

  2. Ojo, que el de Progressive Nation es de formato CD, no DVD.

    ¿No volvieron a sacar más CDs desde el Fan Club?

    Me gusta


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